Cheeky Biscuits is a collaboration between two friends, both busy working mums juggling professional careers and growing young families.

Mariana’s love of baking and sweet treats combined with Vanessa’s passion for party planning and design trends made for the perfect recipe – and that’s how the idea of Cheeky Biscuits was born.

At Cheeky Biscuits we create bespoke edible pieces of artwork for any function, from births, weddings and corporate events, to kids parties, anniversaries or just to say “Thank You”, in any theme and design in your desired colour palette. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, just leave the baking and decorating to us. (As our name implies, we can design biscuits that are a bit cheeky too! Make sure to check out our Cheeky Censored gallery if you don’t believe us!).

As well as being delivered straight to your door, our Cheeky Biscuits are baked fresh and are utterly delicious and totally Instagramable.

Cheeky Biscuits aren’t your everyday cookie cutter business, but when it comes to expectations we’ll definitely deliver the baked goods.